Rob Landley (landley) wrote,

Need to find new domain hosting for my website.

Anybody have any particular opinions about web hosts? I've been meaning to move for years, but now it's become an issue (it's down until I find new hosting).

I have the contents backed up (um, 14 gigabytes, 11 gigs of which I could ditch fairly easily, it's a directory on my laptop which I was updating via rsync) but I need a hosting service to put it on. I've looked at a few, but dunno how to choose between them.

I'm thinking on the theory they have billboards all around Austin with the text "Know Linux? We're Hiring", which strikes me as a vaguely good sign. But I dunno a thing about them as a hosting company other than that. (It looks like everything except serving mercurial is pretty easy to do. All the rest is static content...)

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