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Went with dreamhost. [Feb. 8th, 2011|03:23 pm]
Rob Landley
[mood |busybusy]

Even with "unlimited storage" and "unlimited bandwidth", it takes a while to upload 14 gigabytes, but is slowly going back up. (Currently grinding through the videos.)

On the bright side, there's now a mailing list for aboriginal linux again. On the downside, I haven't gotten mercurial to work on the new server yet. (Mark had it working for, which is redirecting to now, so I know it's possible. Just haven't figured out how yet...)

Anyway, back to NFS. (Well actually, back to converting the lxc man pages to HTML and posting them on the lxc website, and making proper cgroup documentation out of setting up a cgroup page that links ot things like the way the existing one links to the various exec flags, and grouping those together under a "documentation tab", and reading the other pages linked from the top of and seeing what of _that_ should be linked to and maybe writing one definitive document instead of lots of little snippets...)

But _also_ NFS...