June 4th, 2004

Wonders hopefully not ceasing.

I had a wonderful time on wednesday. A smart, beautiful woman with blue hair (some of the time, anyway -- the hair I mean) agreed to let me drag her out to see The Life of Brian. Afterwards I selfishly took her to the Kirby Lane Cafe, even though she'd repeatedly told me she'd had dental work earlier in the day and wasn't up to chewing, and that she had to be up early in the morning for work. And _then_ I took her to the grocery store, where I bought cat litter. Afterwards, while driving her home, I talked her ear off (among other things bragging about an old job) and she said she needed to kill me now.

In spite of all this, she's agreed to let me see her again on Monday. I'm taking her to view rodents, and she is aware of this. I'm marveling at my good fortune, for obvious reasons. (So are my friends Eric and vexenx.)

Speaking of which, I Potted Hairily this evening with said vexenx, the guy who lives under the stairs in my condo. (He's renting a closet from me. No, really.) It seemed appropriate, somehow. The Drafthouse had a Harry Potter Party, and showed the new movie (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Alka-Seltzer) shortly after midnight. (Hey, it's on the release date. Technically speaking.) The movie was great. (Spoiler alert: the defense against the dark arts teacher DIDN'T do it. Yes, it's that book.)

The drafthouse's special beverage in honor of the movie, however (a pumpkin juice plus champagne over ice sort of thing), was pretty nasty. I miss the butter beer. Last harry potter movie they had BUTTER BEER. It was GREAT. It was heated apple cider with butterscotch, or something very much like it. Cinnamon might have been involved, and actual melted butter. I have no idea, they wouldn't give me the recipe. I think they should permanently add it to their menu, to tell you the truth...

I still haven't seen Shrek 2. The stunning, enchanting woman with the blue hair (well, virtual blue hair at this point, although she plans to color it in either ravenclaw or slitherin colors when she goes to see the movie tomorrow, which is now today) had already seen it twice. (Shrek, I mean.) Maybe I'll drag Alan, the guy who's renting my couch. (Yes, really! I have a second bedroom that's currently being used as storage space, yet I've rented out the entire downstairs without actually _meaning_ to. Don't ask me how, I don't know, people come up to me and offer me money to sleep on my sofa. It's very strange. It's got a fold-out bed in it, but people always seem suprised when I tell them this, and to my knowledge nobody has ever bothered to make use of that information. The coffee table may have something to do with it; I need to move it upstairs so I can get the floor under it retiled anyway...)

I seem to be much more successful at certain categories of activities when I'm not only _not_ trying to do them, but actively working against their occurence. How does one arrange to rent out free space one didn't even know one actually _had_? Rip up the floor (damaging the refrigerator in the process), take the filters out of the air conditioner (so it can't be used), dismantle the internet connection, and then go out of town for a month at a time with everything left unfinished. (Don't knock it, it worked...)

Strangely enough, job hunting probably falls in this category too...