June 27th, 2004

The tile is in.

Nothing of interest recently, just life.

So the downstairs in my condo is finally tiled. No more bare concrete. It looks good, I'm impressed. (And the furniture's rearranged so I can actually unfold the bed in the big couch, which I did to see what it looks like. It's a bed. :) The cat (her name is George) seems to like the new tile, although she's currently asleep on the couch.

This means I can finally head up to the northeast for a bit, although not until after monday. I still have three people more or less renting space from me, even though I haven't actually tried to get a renter yet. That's west campus for you, I suppose. I may have to wait until the first to A) ensure reese pays rent for once (there's still a pending ultimatum), B) make sure her current boyfriend seth doesn't move into her room. I draw the line at three other people (and a cat) sharing this place with me. It's my condo, and I'm saying no here. (Heck, Alan's only here until August, then he goes back to college in Arkansas. No, I'm not adding Seth after that, either.)

My weird little Linux distro I put together for the server has finally been booted on it, although a number of things don't work yet. I eventually got sick of trying to make a boot CD and just burned a knoppix CD. (Well initrd is broken in the 2.6.6 kernel, and initramfs doesn't have a mature toolchain, and although I intend to fix the second problem I have been playing with this on and off for months now and there's always one more thing to do...) Pondering the hardware, it seems that if I put the woreless card in I can't screw the top metal bit that holds the hub in place on properly. I'm thinking about it...

The odd part is as soon as I get my server together and get something booted on it, one of my neighbors boots up a wireless access point that overlaps my condo. I haven't been to metro in days. (Although I broke down and plugged in the USB adapter to download the knoppix CD. for 700 megabytes from a slowish public server you want a stable net connection that won't go break the download every few minutes...)

I've started reading the "something positive" archive. It's quite good.

I haven't seen Fade in most of a week, she's got a friend from out of town visiting. Last time I saw her I took her to a bookstore and bought myself a lot of terry pratchett books (early ones I can't find anymore, which have been reprinted.) I need to unpack everything and put it in a row and see what I'm actually missing and what I now have three copies of...

I checked the Linucon PO box and there were two checks in it I need to deposit on monday, then ask mark if he got their info. (One of them's a dealer, which is his business. One of them's a registration, which I can add into the system myself since I wrote the registration tracker...)