July 1st, 2004

A day.

I got to spend another wonderful evening with Fade. (Who says she has a live journal but hasn't told me what it is.) We had dinner at the Black Eyed Pea, which is a much better restaurant than I remember it being (I'm glad she stood by her decision). Then we went to Metro, played some video games at the arcade next door, bought two hot spiced chais, and settled down for three hours of sitting on the couch next to each other with our respective laptops and wireless internet access.

(Yes, I consider this more or less the perfect date. I am a geek. Deal with it.)

I got a decent start into redoing busybox init while I was there. The code hasn't really been cleaned up since Bruce Perens wrote the original version, before Eric even took over the busybox project. I'm still in "hack and slash" mode, trimming back the worst of the mess before I even figure out if I want to start a fresh version a replicate the functionality, or just continue cleaning up the existing codebase. First I need to clean it up to figure out what the necessary minimal set of functionality _is_...

I also got a new Linucon news post up (what can I say, I don't like "moveable type"), made it to Linucon's bank and got a new checkbook and deposited some checks from the PO box (yay, more registrations, one of them a dealer), got some of the new design linucon flyers printed up (they don't look so hot, I need to try another kinkos and see if their printer is in better shape, but I banged out 100 to have on hand for putting in UT kiosks and handing out to friends and such)... (Naturally, since I biked to Kinkos instead of driving, I got caught in a real downpour several miles from home.)

I can't find my Face Flatting Implement. I had it on Tuesday. (Oh well, everybody's shown up for a date unshaven. But the fact I didn't get her some Pumpkin Pocky when I was out at the laundromat next door earlier is inexcusable. Ok, it was raining and I didn't want to carry it and the laundry home in the rain. But thinking "even though you'll leave to meet her during rush hour, you'll be able to get your car across 24th street to Momoko's on your way out"... I should know better than that...)

I'm considering just getting a plane ticket to PA at this point. Back when gas was a dollar a gallon you could get to PA and back for $200 round trip (and that included drive-through food), but now it's more like $350-$400. A plane ticket's actually slightly cheaper than driving, and I've let the trip schedule slip enough that cutting out 3 days of travel each way is a distinct plus...

The Reese situation remains unresolved, although not for more than a few hours. (Reese stopped by while I was in the shower, left before I got out, then stopped back again and waited 3 hours to talk to me, while I was out at dinner and Metro with Fade. Left about 15 minutes before I got home (after doing dishes, cooking a dinner that neither Austin nor Alan could manage to eat, and leaving a note saying she'd phone to make sure I was there before coming over in the morning). I suppose I can't really hold this against her, and I didn't get out to Home Depot today anyway, so...)

Spider Man 2 opened. I should take Fade to see that...