July 16th, 2004

A groggy day in Malvern Town.

I got about six hours of sleep last night, in three two-hour chunks. (Still not quite settled on the day schedule, so after my father took me to dinner I took a nap. Woke up as he was going to bed, used the computer a bit (his, not mine; I accidentally left my laptop's power cord at Eric's and the battery doesn't last very long anymore) and read some, then went to sleep but got up at 7-something so we could get in the car and I could get dropped back off in Malvern while he headed to Kentucky for Bobby's graduation. Then after breakfast, I tried to get some sleep but Eric wanted me up and doing stuff at noon. (Generally laudable, but in this case...)

This kind of choppy sleep always leaves my brain totally screwed up the next day, so I didn't get that much creative work done. (I'm actually better off sleep deprived. I'm used to it.) Of course we did get to wrestle with the DMV, which came up with another bureaucratic obstacle to put in Eric's way, which may wind up putting a hole in Saturday as well. Dunno yet.) And while I was at the DMV, my Dave Barry book stopped working. It was doing fine for quite some time, but then it ran down. I looked for a reset button, or some way to get it recharged, but no luck. Apparently, it's a "page count" problem. I'm told I have to go back to the store, and probably get a new one. Sigh. (I've had this problem with previous Dave Barry books, and they keep convincing me to upgrade each time I go back to talk to them about it, but hope springs eternal, you know?)

On the bright side, Linucon's shaping up nicely. We're getting the nifty list ironed out, and panels should come together relatively quickly once Troy gets back from Canada. Now if we could just get our preregistration numbers up a bit more...

At least our mailing list's working. Sourceforge decided to clean out the old Penguicon project which hosted the 1.0 web page, and we were still using that mailing list. Thank you, "VA Whatever"...

Tomorrow I hope to finally get some work in on the book Eric and I are supposed to be doing. And catch up with Groklaw.

I miss Fade.