August 4th, 2004

And lo, there was an update.

Up to my neck in Linucon stuff, and have been for more than a week. There are something like four conventions the weekend of the 12th I'd like to flog Linucon at.

An editor from Wired magazine emailed me about getting Linucon mentioned. That's seriously cool.

I've been getting a bit narrowly focused of late, so I took a day off (um, monday perhaps?) where I didn't turn my laptop on the whole day. Naturally, I spent most of it playing Dungeon Keeper on Bender's computer. But it's the principle of the thing that counts...

This of course disrupted the momentum of updating the linucon news thing every day for a bit, and I haven't updated it since either. I should go do that instead of updating this.

Currently reading "Lies my teacher told me", at first so I could get it back to Fade, but now because it's a really cool book. I still haven't found "To say nothing of the dog" which I need to loan Fade in return, but I did find the library book I owed $70 on by the time I managed to return it. (A computer history book on different kinds of BASIC that existed in the 1970's.) I also need to find my primary keys (which have the Linucon mailbox key on them, and the key to my bike lock, and the key Mark left me while he's in Europe)...

Bender's friend Nicole came over and did four hours of maid work the day before yesterday. The place looks really nice, although it's already falling back into its old heaps. She only charges $10/hour (since she lives right down the street), I should make this a more regular thing. I like being able to see the kitchen counter...

And now, I should drag Bender off to Zen like I promised.