August 6th, 2004

Hanging out at Metro with Fade.

A couple weekends back fadethecat and I went to Six Flags Uber Alles in San Antonio, where I bought one of the pictures they take on the roller coaster, but Mark is in Europe and he still has my scanner. (I have a key to his apartment somewhere in my room, but where is an open question.)

It turns out, however, that Fade has pictures of herself, and she forwarded me two of her modeleing some of the t-shirts her employer (Steve Jackson Games) sells, which show her current hair color (green).

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Earlier today, we went biking, down to Momoko (source of Pocky and Bubble Tea on 24th street), and a video arcade which had racing games and an exercise machine disguised as a boxing game (as opposed to DDR, which is an exercise machine disguised as a dancing game, or aerocycle, which is an exercise bike disguised as a flying game.)

Now we're hanging out at Metro drinking chai and using free wireless access (having, of course, brought laptops).

Life is good. (And if I'm going to obsessively handle Linucon business for days at a time, hanging out with my girlfriend in a coffee shop is the way to do it...)
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