August 23rd, 2004

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And lo, my girlfriend cometh to grace once more the couch of Metro, and I follow thereunto, upon which I updateth mine Livejournal. So there.

I've been fighting with the Linucon panel list for a couple weeks now. Every time I get it halfway under control, more stuff arrives to collate. I'm posting an update tonight, which probably won't be fully collated by at this point, I don't care. I'll collate more and post another update.

Saturday we had a concom meeting, which was the biggest one so far. I have no idea how to run a meeting that big, but Stu pitched in to help out, with the result that we have a new volunteer policy and THREE new tracks of panel ideas I need to collate into the panel list. Brain hurting.

Mark's back. Yay! We need to update the web page, make a new flyer design, ping the dozens and dozens of dealers we have contact info for but who haven't registered yet (we've sold over 60% of the dealer room space without actually replying to all the people who gave us contact info and told us to get back to them, so we'll probably sell out. We also need to tell these guys about the program book ads, so those who can't make it in person can buy advertising.

While Mark was away, I checked the PO box and cashed a number of checks from dealers. Several sent business cards for their "business card sized ad in the program book". Handing the info over to mark, I found _one_ card. I'll root around and see if I can find the rest, but I'm thinking I'll need to send SASEs out to the dealers to ask for another card. Sigh...

It hasn't _all_ been Linucon work. I finished Dungeon Keeper and the new Discworld book "Hat Full of Sky", and hung out with Fade a lot, as usual. (Including Spanc playtesting. Steve Jackson's a bit intimidating while he's at work. He turns into an assertive perfectonist. We had a Linucon concom meeting at his home once, and he was quite the genial host. I suppose it's a bit like me going into "lecture mode" when I teach. Not qualitatively the same personality change, put possibly the same magnitude...)

And speaking of getting my master's done so I can teach as a day job, I don't think I'll have time to register for UT this semester. Too much else to do. I'd planned to take one course to keep my hand in, but I still haven't paid my library fine (A "financial bar" to registration) and classes started today. (I have until the 6th day or something to add/drop, but it looks like it'll be next semester.) I'd rather not register than wind up pulling out or getting permanent incompletes again, that's getting old.

The Dropbear guy has added ssh client functionality to his tiny ssh server. Perfect for the little system I'm putting together. I haven't had time to test it more than once or twice, though. Hopefully after I get the Linucon schedule out, contact the GOHs and panelists, make sure all the travel arrangements have been made, contact to hotel about Reese's fire spinning... Sigh.

I still want an exercise bike with a laptop stand where the pedals drive a generator that can charge the laptop. (Incentive to pedal.) To make it work would require some capacitors, and possibly and AC/DC converter ( so you could just plug that laptop in to a normal outlet on the thing. Yes, you'd lose current in the conversion, but providing correct and clean DC for various laptops is a lot more work, plus the plugs are all funky...)

The UT students are back in force. And many of them are extremely cute. (He says while sitting next to his girlfriend on the couch at metro.) I keep forgetting how _crowded_ this place gets at the start of the fall semester. Especially after three months of basically having it to myself...

Tomorrow, I meet Stu and Linas for lunch, then go meet Mark and the Telecheck guy for a later lunch, then see what Mark's new on-campus cubicle looks like, and possibly whip up a flyer design, then do more schedule collating (even though I'm posting what I've got tonight. I won't be _done_, but oh well.)

I'm now sixteen thousand messages behind on the linux-kernel mailing list. Last time this happened, Kmail's indexing overflowed and ate itself. (Pity, I had a couple hundred messages flagged that I wanted to keep. Apparently, Kmail has some 16 bit limits in there somewhere. I should upgrade my laptop from Fedora Core I, but to what? Slackware? SuSE?)

Metro's vanilla chai is a lot like the spiced chai, only with more vanilla. This should not have come as a major suprise to me.

The "only edible mexican food in town" restaurant Kelly and Steve took me to turned out to be Cuban, but it's okay. Another restuaurant they took me to (which I took Fade to last week or so) turns out to have food as well. Who'da thunk? ("Mexican" and "Food" are not words that play well together in my personal unierse.)