December 21st, 2004

Hello world...

Monday December 13th, I got a job doing Linux software at Dell. (They wanted me to start tuesday, which meant most of monday was spent running around at the social insecurity office and such waiting in line get a new identity theft card.)

So now I'm working at Dell, the Round Rock campus where Mopac and I-35 meet. It's about a 35 minute drive each way, which isn't so bad of a commute, and I'm paid enough per hour to make my monthly expenses every _week_, so I can't complain there.

It's a bit interesting trying to get up to speed this close to the holidays, though. Having been there a week, I still don't have internet access (this is the first place I've encountered since 1997 that uses proxy, and I haven't got an account yet), still don't have a dedicated development workstation or laptop (I'm borrowing some testing hardware for the purpose at the moment). Presumably I finally got an email account on the exchange cluster yesterday, but haven't managed to access it yet. And of course I don't have a clearcase account to be able to access the source code I'll be working on (I've got a snapshot to look through).

But other than that, things are going pretty nicely. Except that I got a cold, and went home after two hours today. (Spent last night with a headache and unable to breathe, dragged myself out of bed to go to work, gave up and went home again, and slept on the couch until evening. The cat (her name is George) is now officially confused. I still feel terrible, but tomorrow I have to go in and attack the email problem again...)

Presumably, Evolution has a ximian plugin that allows it to talk to exchange. One of my co-workers at Dell has this working. The test environment I installed on the testing machine I've got is Red Hat Enterprise 4.0 (they managed to break dd. This impresses me, but it's what we'll be deploying the software on so I need to test on it), which of course 1) doesn't have the ximian plugin, 2) doesn't have the development headers to let me compile the plugin from source, 3) doesn't even have the development headers to let me recompile evolution from source. (The libraries are there, but they removed the .h files. Lovely. And this glosses over going to a coworker who can get out through the proxy server to copy the evolution and ximian plugin sources onto a flash keychain thingy...)

Tomorrow, I reinstall RHEL 4.0 with the "everything" option, including html documentation in french, in hopes that the stupid thing will install the darn header files. Or maybe even the ximian plugin, although that's probably expecting FAR too much of Red Hat...

This cold is making me grumpy.
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