January 17th, 2005

Geekier than thou.


I put together a little linux distribution called firmware linux, which is getting closer and closer to a 1.0 release.

Today, I did a mksquashfs on the build directory (while chrooted into it, by running "mksquashfs / root.sqf -e root.sqf"). Then I compiled User Mode Linux (the 2.6.9 kernel with the -bb4 patches installed, along with SquashFS support, and an UML with the build directory as its root directory (I.E. "./vmlinux rw init=/bin/sh rootfstype=hostfs rootflags=/path/to/build", and yes rootflags can take a relative path). Once I got a shell prompt from UML, I mounted /proc and then loopback mounted root.sqf on /mnt, and chrooted into it.

So for those of you tallying up the geek points at home, the above means I'm running a chroot into a loopback mount of an out-of-tree filesystem from within user mode linux running on a subdirectory. (If you can even follow that you need to get out more.)

I am proud of this. It's sick. It's peverted. It worked.

Now I just need to assemble a cpio archive for initramfs with a script and tools capable of doing the above automatically. A statically linked busybox should have everything I'll need...

In other news, I made "I don't know what I'm doing" soup last night. Half a cabbage, one turnip, three pounds of high quality steak, five potatoes, three onions, one and a half bulbs of garlic (not cloves, I peeled and chopped up over 20 individual garlic cloves), about a sixth of a bottle of garlic juice, a couple teaspoons of salt, rather a lot of onion powder, some black pepper, 2/3 of a gallon of water, and some a couple handfulls of frozen corn. Chop up everything bigger than a cubic centimeter, put all of it in a pot, boil the whole thing slowly on "low" with the lid on for a couple hours, stirring whenever you remember.

It worked out _remarkably_ well, actually. With that much garlic juice (the Whole Foods up in the Arboretum sells bottles of it), how could it not? What I'm supposed to do with the other half of the head of cabbage (or the second turnip), I have no idea...

While it was cooking, I discovered Casey and Andy, and read through the archives. It's disturbing, offensive, funny, and clever. As if south park was about mad scientists, only with less profanity and more blasphemy. (And after three or four years of doing it, the artist is now much better at drawing.)

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