January 21st, 2005

Ice Cream for Ushicon.

And lo, Linucon (or at least Mark and me, with help from Ed, Ed's girlfriend... Karen?, and Chase) took over the Ushicon con suite for three hours friday evening, and did liquid nitrogen ice cream. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, and Oreo went over as well as always, as did the associated fog. Anime cons continue to have an amazing number of extremely cute girls there, most of who are probably around 16. And nobody's going to remember us in ten months time based on that party, but possibly if Ushicon partners with Linucon to do a fall event, and gets its word out to its members in later summer, then they might remember our room party.

I'm fairly certain I haven't actually had any real food all day. I was too busy this morning, then the lab at Dell had a kit kat, some skittles, and a granola bar while I was working on a problem that took longer than expected (until about 4), then I ran home to pick up stuff and ran to the store from there to make it to Ushicon at 7 pm to start the ~3 hours of liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Tomorrow evening they're having hentai music videos. The free badges mark and I got in exchange for the liquid nitrogen ice cream are good all weekend. I must admit to a certain amount of curiosity...

In other news, Mark got the Linucon web server moved to something we can actually update last night. And we have a weekend reserved the hotel (October 14-16, although the contract isn't actually signed yet, so I'm debating whether to invite the GOHs or wait for it to be signed. I'll probably invite the GOHs over the weekend.) It won't be the Red Lion, the proposal we got from them simply wasn't serious. The hotel we've reserved the weekend with is the Park Plaza, next to the highland mall...

And I'm ->this<- close to getting Firmware Linux together. I was blocked for a bit on determining the root device in the initramfs until I realised that what I need to do long term is run udev from the initramfs, and everything I do until I get udev running is a temporary measure anyway, so I might as well use the current in-kernel root partition determination logic based on static major and minor assignments for now.

Also, User Mode Linux finally works for me (in 2.6.11-rc1-mm2, anyway), well enough to build the toolchain. It's slow, but computers get faster all the time, and they have plans to speed it up in future. What's important is that it's _correct_, you can leave an unattended build running overnight if necessary...

I now have _three_ blog-like things I'm not updating often enough. This one, the development log for firmware linux, and the linucon.org news ticker. Go me.

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