January 23rd, 2005

Fade and I are engaged.

Fade was in the mood for a vaguely breakfast food place, so we went to Jim's, which has the advantage of not being particularly crowded on a sunday afternoon. She finally found a blinky LED ring in a gumball machine that actually blinkied, and gave it to me. Since she'd given me a ring, I asked her if she wanted to get married, and she said yes. (We then tried to figure out who should wear the ring, and since she had given it to me, I wore it. We broke the thing shortly thereafter, but still have all the pieces.)

Pronunciation wise, "Fade Manley" and "Fade Landley" are close enough that whether or not she chooses to change her name, some people are going to assume it's the other one. :) Now we're at metro, having had chocolate bubble tea. (It tastes like chocolate milk. I prefer Taro Root.)

Life is good. I need to phone various relatives.

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