February 12th, 2005


So I'm still sick. When I handed in my hours on friday I'm down 17 hours from all the days off and half days I took this week being sick, and although I was hoping to make some of that time up this weekend, I'm just not up to it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I'd planned on going to Metro this morning and getting some work done, so first I walked out to the dobie mall to hit the ATM, had a couple of garlic rolls for breakfast, and sat around in the food court for a while to recover from that. Then I went to the video arcade next to Metro and played three video games, (which I generally do to loosen up before a long programming session). I was so exhausted by this, I went home and took a nap.

Later, I walked down to Jimmie John's with mirell for a very late lunch. Walked rather than biked because I can walk through anything, and when I'm tired enough it's actually easier to remain upright walking slowly than standing), but biking requires a minimal energy expenditure to avoid falling over. Again, so tired by a simple walk from 24th street to 19th street and back (with a good 15 minute rest in between to eat the sandwich, AND drinking a bottle of highly caffienated tea) that I went home immediately afterwards, where I still am.

I haven't gotten anything done I can call billable hours, I haven't gotten anything done on firmware linux, I haven't gotten any writing done, I haven't got any cleaning done... I did finish re-reading "Jingo" and moved on to "Night Watch". (Well I read the fifth elephant before jingo because I got 'em out of order...)

And in night watch, there's mention of a treacle mine, which is something I heard mentioned previously (in "Dr. Who" and other british places), and I've wanted to try it ever since I found out how many different types of honey there are (buckwheat honey has NOTHING to do with normal honey, for example), so I looked up how to order some.

It turns out it doesn't exist. This takes some of the fun out of ordering it. (I mean, I could ask Santa Claus for some, but apparently he already ate it all, being made out of the same stuff.)

I baked chicken for dinner. This had the advantage of me not having to move much while it did its thing (rinse thawed chicken thighs, put 'em in a pan, dump onion powder on top, squirt liberally with garlic juice and pour more garlic juice in the bottom, cover with foil and bake at 350 for an hour and a half. Not brain surgery.)

Disturbed Dragon in the process. Apparently Dragon was hiding in the oven pan drawer under the oven, which is presumably accessible from the back. I used the pan _under_ the one she was hiding in. She's now hiding behind the couch, I think. I now have most closeable doors upstairs and down closed, so the only place dragon can hide upstairs is the bathroom (I've disturbed her there today twice: she sees me, goes "ah, you!" and runs away immediately), and downstairs under the stove (I thought she was behind it, but oh well) is apparently the best remaining option, with the closet under the stairs closed too...

Maybe I'll pour some molasses on a piece of leftover chicken before resuming the book. I have lots of other stuff I want to do (detailed to-do lists for some of it), lots of stuff I _need_ to do, but just standing up for more than five minutes leaves me out of breath, without actually trying to do anything.

I think it was Thoreau who apologized for writing a long letter because he didn't have time to write a short one. Me, I haven't got the brainpower just now...