March 1st, 2005

Non-credit courses at UT.

I still have a couple days to register to teach "informal" courses at the University of Texas for the summer session (the deadline is Friday). I was reminded about this when Fade picked up one of their catalogs.

I could teach Programming in Python, or anything to do with Linux (Intro to Linux, Linux on the Desktop, Linux on the Server, and Linux From Scratch)... Living right down the street from UT has its advantages. (Apparently, they even pay new instructors $15 an hour, and here I was thinking of it as a volunteer thing...)

Well I miss teaching at ACC, but there's no point in doing more of that until I can stomach finishing a Master's degree, which is hard. (Not the work, the stomaching. I find ivory tower academia difficult to take seriously at the graduate level, although I'm sad I had to drop that really cool computer architecture course. Should have dropped everything _else_, and kept that one...)

I meant to write up some course proposals last night and send 'em in, but I wound up falling asleep on the couch. (I've been unusually punctual about getting up, for reasons I'll let Fade explain if she wants to.)