March 8th, 2005


Eric and Cathy are in town until tomorrow, and we've been having a good time. I've gotten to introduce them both to hanging out at Metro. (Eric almost did a software release of his GPS daemon thing from there last night, but he found a bug that was eventually tracked down to udev.)

I tried to invite Peter Salus to dinner this evening, but it appears that just after the last "election" he moved to Toronto. (He says he sent me an email in January. Well I've been busy.) Can't blame him in the slightest, I was looking into it myself but it's cold and dark up there. I was looking more at England, and the paperwork's pretty significant. I still might be able to talk Peter into being a guest at Penguicon, though, now that he's closer to there...

fadethecat pondering becoming a tech writer someday, but all the job postings currently have a chicken and egg problem of experience. I've been thinking maybe I could point her at some open source projects she could try writing documentation for as A) a way to build a portfolio that might interest somebody like IBM, B) practice to see whether or not that's really something she'd like to do for a living. It's a thought.

Dell continues to be Dell, where Linux development is expected to be done under Microsoft Visual Studio dot net. ("How", or more accurately, "HOW?!!?!??!?", doesn't enter into it. That's the corporate standard.) Add in a windows-only version of ClearCase for all source control, outlook and exchange for email and calendaring, various explorer-only web based internal document repositories, and so much more... (It's that little extra that makes Linux developers feel oh so at home here.)

I haven't been able to put nearly as much time and energy into fun programming projects (like firmware linux and user mode linux) as I'd like to. I haven't been able to keep up with reading the linux kernel mailing list, either. (It's ironic when your programming day job is actually interfering with keeping your skillset current.) Time isn't really the problem, I've gotten by on four hours of sleep for weeks at a time previously, and Metro's open 24 hours. No, the problem is I can come home from Dell at 7 pm and be so exhausted I crash on the couch and wake up the next morning to go to work. (I've done this.) This job is DRAINING. Emotionally exhausting. And in case I haven't made it clear yet, it is not fun.

But I have tea. Lots of tea. Caffiene makes it much easier to cope. (That's a bad sign.)

Dragon has come out and been petted two mornings in a row now. Generally around 6 am. I have the scratches to prove it, too. (Once she starts purring enough, she attacks the hand petting her and tries to play with it. I'm familiar enough with this behavior not to get seriously injured by it, but she's a persistent and energetic little feral kitten. Still runs away if I stand up, though.) I was supposed to take her back to the vet two weeks ago. I found the vet notice half-buried in the cat box. Coincidence?

Linucon is progressing. We have a hotel, but our first choice of date (the thanksgiving weekend) turned out not to be viable _after_ we'd already told the hotel to unlock the other weekend. What I want to know is, why did everybody ok that date on thursday, and then decide SUNDAY (four different people!) that it couldn't work, after I'd already told the hotel to unlock the October 1 weekend?

So we're switched back to October 1, although we have to work around three other reservations. (Friday we don't get the dealer's room for setup until between noon and one PM, and then sunday afternoon the dealer's room has somebody else scheduled in it at 3pm meaning we need teardown more or less done by 2, meaning we need to close the dealer's room at 1. So the dealer's room will probably only be open for three hours on sunday. Such is life...) Plus one of the anime rooms is booked at 2pm on sunday, meaning we have to be out of it at either noon or 1 pm for their setup.

On the bright side, we've got all the space from friday noon through sunday noon, and only have to close two rooms early sunday afternoon and stay out of one room friday morning. And the hotel is really _nice_, and has been darn good natured about our date flip-flop. (More so than I have, in fact.) The hotel says the thanksgiving date would have been a lot cheaper, though, since they had no competition for the space and were willing to cut us a deal. But if we know 1/3 of our concom can't attend, we're worried about getting volunteers, guests of honor, or who knows what it would do to our attendance...

Sigh. October 1. Right. I'll announce it on the website as soon as we have the actual contract signed (which we were shooting for friday, but now that the date's moved it'll probably be early next week). I think we need to at least have our hotel weekend reserved (if not an actual contract signed) before this year's Linucon actually happens...

mirell recently announced success with birthday cake ice cream. I'm sorry I missed it, it sounds dreadfully unhealthy. We need to go give UT more money so we can experiment with more flavors.

It's a beautiful day out. I should go for a walk this evening...

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