April 20th, 2005

Off to Penguicon.

Tomorrow I leave for Penguicon. I'm looking forward to driving on a road trip with Fade, but also exhausted from avoiding making any preparations for it at all. Life goes on hold for a week. Linucon isn't ready. I really should get serious about finding a new job. The condo needs to be cleaned up. Stuff.

Mark's agreed to feed the cats while we're gone. Need to get Linucon flyers. Not much chance of getting LN2 to make ice cream out of for a room party, though...

I managed to get the proof of 6 months of consecutive car extortion payments into the austin municipal court yesterday (although it took multiple attempts to get my car extortion payment company to understand what the court system wanted). Deferred adjudication: and yes I was without car "protection" payments for around 3 weeks that year. Guess when I was pulled over?

The new bookshelves look nice.

Dragon went into heat and got out last week, and still hasn't come back. George hissing at her and chasing her away while she was outside probably didn't help, but mostly I suspect she was a feral cat who got back outside and went "home!"... Sigh. Yes, we should have gotten her fixed earlier, but she wasn't a full sized cat yet. Aren't they supposed to reach full size before going into heat? Dunno...

I got Firmware Linux up. Well, version 0.8 of it anyway. Can't install it yet, but if you run the ./make.sh script it builds a single statically linked user mode linux executable with its own self-contained filesystem, which loopback mounts itself automatically when you run it and drops you into a shell prompt. Woo.

Sent out three GOH invitiations for Linucon. Haven't heard back yet...



Most true geeks have a black belt in useless knowledge. True to form, I have various hobbies that have no obvious or direct practical use, and one of them is studying how films and TV are made. (My interest in how special effects are done kind of broadened over the years...) It's kind of scary how much I've learned about it over the years.

Do you know why so many celebrity marriages fail? It's a bad sign if an actor and an actress meet during the course of working together, because they tend to fall in love with each other's character. I learned about this by reading about what happened back in the 1970's to Tom Baker (the fourth doctor) marrying the second Romana and then divorcing Lala Ward shortly thereafter...

In one of the star trek biographies (I've been looking for the actual quote recently and it's not in George Takei's "Beyond the Stars", Nichelle Nichols' "Being Uhura", or Leonard Nimoy's second one "I am Spock". Still looking...) Anyway, there's this marvelous page-long explanation about how acting can lull fans into a false sense of familiarity because to a fan, the actor is someone who has dropped by their living room every week for years, but to the actor the fan is a total stranger they've never met before. But if the actor treats the fan like a stranger, the fan's subconscious expectations are violated and they feel rebuffed, and they wind up thinking the actor is a jerk simply for NOT treating them as an instant old friend. (Even intelligent people do this, it's an emotional thing not an intellectual one.) Successful actors have to learn how to deal with this, even though it's not usually explicitly taught anywhere.

I always thought that this was something Wil Wheaton could write very well about, but it was definitely in one of the original series biographies. Possibly in Nimoy's first one ("I am not spock"), or maybe Jimmie Doohan wrote one and I got it from the library. I doubt it's shatner's because A) he never struck me as caring about this topic at all, B) I've never managed to force myself to read his anyway.

The best book on all this stuff, by the way, is "Where did I go right?" by Bernie Brillstein (subtitled: You're nobody in hollywood unless someone wants you dead). Marvelous book, that...

I should REALLY start packing for the Penguicon trip, shouldn't I?

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