April 26th, 2005


And lo, I hath returned from Michigan and Penguicon. Despite the fact I don't drink, I feel hung over.

I bought this: Collapse )

The original of which wound up packed in cathyr19355's luggage (along with the Knoppix 3.8 CD I bought from YAARG (Ypsilanti Ann-Arbor Robotics Group) which I was going to upgrade my laptop with. So now I have to download it. Woe is me...) But she was nice enough to scan it.

Bonus points if you followed the nested clauses.

Collapse )

So now Fade and I are hanging out at Metro, with laptops, catching up on this whole internet thing. The trip cost us several hundred dollars more than I expected it to, mainly due to the alternator in my car dying about 50 miles east of Dallas. (My previous Ford "needs a police Escort to get anywhere" also had its alternator die. I've learned that when the battery light comes on, you deal with it _now_. Jay Maynard can tell you about Fords. I think my next car will probably be a Toyota or something, you can scrape off the letters to say "Toy", or "Yo", "To ot", and so on. I'd get the new volkswagen bug if, you know, it was actually a bug. Which it's not. It's a feature. That's just wrong.)
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