May 7th, 2005

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So today I just stayed up all day in an attempt to switch to a day schedule. I fell asleep around 6 or 7 pm, after at least eight hours of pure caffiene powered incoherence. (And woke up again at midnight, and can't get back to sleep just now. Of course.)

During said period of incoherence, I got a phone call from people here in austin I sent a resume to a couple days ago, for a job that looks really cool. (Part of the reason I'm trying to switch to a day schedule is for job hunting purposes, but in this case it seems to have been counterproductive.) It didn't exactly go _badly_, but I was at a serious disadvantage in the "what were we talking about again?" department, and absolutely blanking on simple questions like "what attracted you to the position". Luckily, they're calling me back on monday.

Which is why I need to get some sleep now. Day schedule. Right.

In other news, the cat (her name is George) has taken to hiding in the closet all day and only coming out at night. Not the way squidgy (stealth kiggy) does, but just sitting in the closet as the only piece of territory she's willing to defend from Fade's cats, PeeJee and Aubrey, when they're out and about during the day. At night, Fade locks them in her room, so George can roam about the downstairs and be VERY VERY demanding of attention, to make up for lost time.

This pattern started when we were away at Penguicon, which took a week if you include all the driving time. Mark fed the cats every day, but PeeJee and Aubrey were out all that time, even at night, without us to call them off of George. When we came back, George was refusing to come out of the closet.

This also makes it a bit tough to switch to a day schedule, George going "play with me now!"...

Right. Sleep...

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