May 10th, 2005

I dislike drunken college students.

Downside of living as close to UT as I do: last friday was the last day of classes. Parties late into the night, car alarms going off everywhere. Saturday morning, fadethecat and I got out to my car on a quest for groceries to make soup with, and I find my rear window had a beer bottle put through it. (Yes, I have a covered parking space behind a bit iron gate with a radio-clicky thing, but Fade's car is in it. I've been parking my car on 25th street.) Shattered the whole thing, held together by the little defroster wires, bits of glass fall out when you breathe on it...

So on monday I get an estimate for how much a new rear window is: one thousand, two hundred dollars. For the _part_. (And this is from the one GOOD mechanic in Austin, Lamb's automotive. They felt BAD the part cost so much, and offered to throw in the labor for free.) This is for a 93 ford escord that was rusting from last year's trip to Penguicon (michigan in spring: road salt season), and is going to rust way faster after this Penguicon (trying to drive south during a snowstorm on suday before the sun could set and freeze everything, at one point being directly behind a salt truck). It got a new alternator on the way to Penguicon, and before that I had to have the front brakes replaced because the michigan road salt from last year had rusted them until the brake warning light came on...

So I have rusting 93 ford escort with two plastic garbage bags duct taped over the back window, sitting in my covered parking space (leaving Fade's car parked on the street now that the parties are over). It's twelve hundred dollars to fix it, plus however much it takes to make the rust go away (on the body so it's not _visible_, who knows what the undercarriage looks like), and on top of that it's 12 years old and the odometer just rolled over for the second time anyway.

Time to get a new car. (Well, a new cheap used car, anyway.) I have the money in savings to do this now, but I'll wait until I get a new job and am sure I can replace said savings money.

Oh well, this puts the $20 parking ticket I got the previous week (parking within 30 feet of a stop sign) in perspective, I suppose.

In other news, the job search is going really well. I have an in-person interview on thursday (giving a presentation on a project I've done) that I'm really psyched about because this company seems COOL...

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