May 12th, 2005

The return of Dragon kiggy.

PeeJee (one of Fade's cats) was hissing at the window a few hours ago, so we went to see.

It was Dragon, who had returned after a month to demand food and attention. She didn't really want to come in (she wanted us to go out), but once lured inside with food and the door closed behind her, she settled down into demanding serious amounts of attention.

Kiggy. Purr purr purr.

Of course this definitely means we have to find a permanent home for Squigy. Who I last saw... Thursday, I think. (She's hiding around here somewhere.)


Still working on the presentation for the job interview tomorrow. I started by identifying seven potential presentations I could easily give (busybox sed, busybox sort, busybox bunzip, busybox mount, linucon's online schedule script, linucon's online preregistration script, firmware linux). Since C and Perl are the languages that interest them and the linucon stuff was done in python and the firmware linux build script in bash, I should do something on busybox. Sort shows me writing new code to a spec (replacing a mere stub), bunzip shows me rewriting an existing program, but sed shows me extending an existing program and fitting new code together with old code.

So I'm preparing to talk about my sed rewrite...

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