June 1st, 2005

Deep Throat.

The really odd part about knowing that Deep Throat was the second in command of the FBI back in the day is that it means the whole "divided government, system of checks and balances" thing actually _worked_. Yes, Nixon appointed one of his cronies to head the FBI, and that guy blocked the FBI's own internal attempts to investigate anything. But still, somebody at the FBI (unofficially) fed information to the free press to take down an abusive president. Cool.

Those were the days, back before the Office of Domestic Surveilance was a cabinet level position, when the voting machines left an audit trail...


(Oddly enough I _wasn't_ nostalgic for the endless war on the other side of the planet with no concrete goals or exit strategy where you can't tell the bad guys from the civilians until they open fire, and the opposition has plenty of rich friends funneling them money and no shortage of poor uneducated/idealistic warm bodies to throw at our guys. But apparently somebody was. Oh well. It's so much EASIER to fight a war where the other side has the common decency to all wear the same color shirt. After all, _our_ guys are. But don't worry, I'm told we'll have this whole Afghanistan thing wrapped up Real Soon Now. Ask Russia. And at least we're not fighting on two fronts. :)
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