June 26th, 2005

Shiny thing!

I bought a new laptop last weekend. And unlike my previous cheap used craptaculars, this one actually cost money. (I only spent twice as much on my current car, although I got a really good deal on it and I say that knowing the transmission needs repairs.)

It is, alas, a Dell, but at least they didn't make it. (Dell doesn't make laptops, they're rebadged taiwanese things). An inspiron 8600, 2 ghz Pentium M, 512 megs ram (and another 128 megs video ram), that centrino chipset stuff that Intel donated Linux drivers for (the built-in G wireless works out of the box in knoppix 3.9), and a 60 gig hard drive (big enough I only shrank the windows partition rather than wiping it, which I can explain in three words: "World of Warcraft".) The display a widescreen, something like 1400x800. It's currently looking a little stretched until I figure out how to explain to knoppix that the world that 1280x800 is a good guess, but not quite there.

This is a SERIOUSLY cool box. Ok, it's got a touch pad instead of a nipple-mouse (which _is_ the polite, cleaned up version of that name, thanks). I need to find a portable USB laser rat.

The upshot of this is I haven't checked my email since monday. Well with this cool new laptop booting up the old one was a bit... um... frustrating isn't quite the word. It's a "Not shiny" vs "Shiny" thing. Unfortunately, I only managed to borrow a copy of partition magic from Mark yesterday (I wanted to continue to be able to play World of Warcraft, and I've got the hard drive space). And I _still_ haven't actually got Linux installed on it, although I've got a 45 gig ext3 partition I"m currently copying 12 gigabytes of files to. (I need to do a little digital houskeeping. Now that all the files will fit on the same box, I can delete some obsolete and duplicate crud.)

Still, if you haven't gotten email from me in the past week, it's because I haven't read it yet, and won't until I have my email configured on the new machine.

On the bright side, unsticking Firmware Linux and catching up with busybox commits should be MUCH easier now. No more 5 minutes at a time sitting there waiting for the thing to swap merely because I have 40 open konqueror tabs...

In other news, I have no read Fade's entire first Kai book, and the first 12 chapters of her sequel. The fact I was up until 5 am two different nights because of this may be a hint about what I thought, but in case I need to be explicit: It's really, really good.

Need to figure out a way to edit in some explanation and cabbage-heading (or footnotes, or a preface, or something) to explain the setting a bit to people who don't have access to the In Nomine rulebooks if it's ever to reach a wider audience, and then there's negotiating for a license to the setting, but hey. Maybe it could be syndicated a chapter at a time in Pyramid or something. I dunno. I just know it's really good.
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