June 27th, 2005

The cluelessness! I'm overwhelmed!

Sun Microsystems has truly mind boggling case of executive idiocy. Here are some actual quotes from the Scott McNeally (Sun's CEO) interview I just linked:

We have one of the two, maybe three operating systems that are going to survive: Windows, Solaris and maybe Red Hat.

Red Hat is not an operating system. Red Hat is a company. Linux is an operating system. Rather a lot of companies (starting with IBM and HP) made more money from Linux last year than Red Hat did. If Red Hat dried up and blew away, Linux would be just fine.

We have a strategy that's very different from everybody else's, and it's community development. The way we say that is with the S curve in all our new literature. It's not for Scott, it's not for Sun, it's for "share." We're grabbing that word and saying, of anybody, we own the word "share." We own that space.

They're grabbing and owning the word "share".


The mind boggles.

Second, three years ago I had a 900MHz UltraSparc III processor that didn't work very reliably. Now we have UltraSparc IV and IV+ coming later this year, UltraSparc IIIi and IIIi+ coming later this year, both of which double the per-socket performance.

The processors didn't work reliably, so they doubled performance. That's just beautiful. Addressing whether or not the new ones are reliable is somewhere he just doesn't want to go, apparently.

The Microsoft relationship is a very unique selling proposition.

That's certainly one way of putting it, yes.

I always make the Al Gore-ish statement that we invented community development.

What is wrong with this man? Is it chemical? Was he drunk during this interview?

Everybody says tape's going away. I don't think so. It hasn't been going away for 20 years like everybody's said.

A true visionary.

And I leave you with a few words of Quality from the pointy-haired master:

It's immediately accretive, non-GAAP. From a cash flow perspective, they're generating cash, we're generating cash. We don't need to have any revenue synergies to have this be a positive for our shareholders. Any cost synergies are all upside.
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