June 29th, 2005

Fun while it lasted. Bits of it, anyway.

And so my job dealing with Usenet ended today. Not at all surprised. (I've been emailing myself reasons to quit for over a week, but didn't. Instead there's a 60 day "probationary period" on all new hires I didn't think I'd make it through, and I was right. They had no actual technical problems with my work that I'm aware of, this actually was a case of culturally me not being a "good fit".)

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It's interesting to note that the two jobs I've selected in the past six months based on being a "real job" that I could potentially keep for 5 years (because Fade deserves stability), instead of all the other jobs I've ever had which were selected based on "ooh, that looks like fun"... Are the two shortest jobs I've ever had. I think there's a lesson here: I'm going back to the things that look like fun now.

Also, the happiest jobs I've ever had were all half time. WebOffice, The Motley Fool, various telecommuting things... Working full time I easily make twice what I need (one reason the spectre of unemployment between consulting gigs was never that worrying), but working half time I can actually keep up with the rest of my life, and make it to places that are only open monday through friday without taking time off from work to do it.

Of course the timing of this job ending was interesting: Tuesday I didn't make it in to work because my car was in the shop. It's still in the shop. (The transmission is wonky; it sometimes gets stuck in first gear and won't shift out of it no matter what you do. This is especially fun on the freeway.) Getting home early Wednesday was a bit of a trick.

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So this evening I've been fiddling with my new laptop. I've installed Ubuntu on it, which I'll write about later. My email is about halfway set up; I'd forgotten how Jury-rigged my normal email setup is. (I read it via a precommand that invokes ssh to call the "mail" command at the other end to fill an mbox with the new messages, and copies them down via gzip and a pipe. Sending is approximately as strange.) I'm a week and a half behind on email, and with the busybox commits, and Linucon preparations... But I should be able to catch up now. :)

Oh, Dragon got out again. This is the... fourth time? She'll come back when she gets hungry.
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