August 19th, 2005

Busy day.

So Fade crashed her car tuesday night, and the fallout continues. (The repair estimate was $3900. She bought it for $3000. It's basically totaled, even though the engine still works it would need a new radiator, hood, headlights, front bumper, front right panel, non-leaking battery, non-severed wiring...)

So this morning I drove her to work, then took my car to the mechanic to get the transmission serviced (so the sucker is reliable transportation for the two of us). Mark was going to pick me up but he fell back asleep after I called, and by the time he woke up and made it way up north they'd just finished fixed my car. (I didn't mind, I had my laptop with me and was working on unifying the busybox shell situation. Incidentally, I was sleep deprived enough that I actually hit shift-2 to type a quote while I was at the transmission place. That's where the commodore 64 had it. You can tell when the hindbrain takes over...)

Anyway, took Mark out to lunch at the Golden Corral (right down the street from the transmission place) to make up for dragging him out that far anyway, then I rushed home to grab Fade's pile o'records drawer (which had her vehicle title in there somewhere, although I couldn't find it in the 5 minutes I spent looking ). This made me late to meet Mark at the UT cryolab loading dock to pick up a 30-liter dewar of LN2 so I can do Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream for a Linucon room party at Armadillocon this weekend.

At this point it was time to pick Fade up from work, since they're bleaching the roof of the place she works at to make mold go away, so she got off at 2:30 today. We took advantage of the time to go to the place where the corpse of her car is and deal with that. Now picture: I have a car that looks almost identical to Fade's smashed one (except mine isn't smashed). My explanation was "we camped the spawn and tamed a new one, and we're here to loot the corpse". We then proceeded to loot Fade's car, sell it to the auto wrecker people for a couple hundred bucks, and go home.

The rest of the evening involved World of Warcraft, dinner (Burritos from Bongo's, even though it's not Monday), making tea, deciding I was too tired to hit Armadillocon's friday panels (see "sleep deprived" earlier), Mark stopping by so he and I could work on _his_ resume for a bit, churning through accumulated back email (no net access at the transmission place, after all), and me generally not getting anything useful done.


P.S. Fade has yet to put her records drawer back in her desk. Aubrey was curled up in the hole the drawer goes in when we came home, and is _still_there_. Fade suspects kitty sleep gas. PeeJee was curled up in the drawer itself a while ago, but has since moved...