September 29th, 2005

Linucon starts tomorrow!

I'm running consuite this year. On 1/4 the budget of last year. (Well, 1/3 but we got the same amount of liquid nitrogen as last year so 1/4 as much for food. I have a list of 23 ice cream flavors to buy ingredients for.)

In addition to the standard soda and chips, there will be tea by the gallon, and grilled cheese sandwiches, and deviled eggs, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and baked potatoes, and tuna sandwiches, and special K bars, and bologna sandwiches, and french toast (did I mention HEB has loaves of decent bread for 57 cents each and eggs are a dollar a dozen?) and I bought a _crock_ pot (pasta!), and I'm bringing my microwave (mashed potatoes! Baked potatoes! Corn!) and I dug up a blender, and we have the marvelous big flat frying griddle thingies which in the past year I've actually learned to use...

I baked three chocolate cakes and two spice cakes before I ran out of eggs. I still have four boxes of cake mix. I have to go buy more.

After tonights "are all the guests here yet" dinner, I'm off to the grocery store and then the cooking REALLY starts. You have been warned.

Oh, the linucon panel schedule is at