November 16th, 2005

I'm allergic to my own soup.

So I felt a bit listless on monday, and then spent all day tuesday feeling miserable (and most of it sleeping). I'd go upstairs and nap for a bit and feel better, and come down and an hour later my neck would be stiff and my head would feel all stuffed up and I wouldn't be able to concentrate much on anything.

A bit of backstory: this weekend I made soupCollapse )
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Life is good.

Yes, I am definitely feeling better. (Evil soup!) First day without a headache since I brought the darn vegetables o' doom into the house. (They were leaking fumes right out of the refrigerator! I know it!)

I'm at Metro. The Beatles are playing on the speakers. (Currently "Let it be." Marvelous song.) This is because Anita is working the counter, not the guy who looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo who has the musical taste of the urban inner-city tone deaf. Anita is one of more than a dozen cute girls in Metro right now. (Alas, Fade is not one of them. To-do: become independenty wealthy, pay off Fade's student loans.)

I've been playing with qemu, quite enthusiastically. After wasting over an hour playing frozen-bubble from the simulated knoppix (running in a window), I'm currently test-compiling my Firmware Linux build on completely simulated hardware. That's right, it does not, in point of fact, exist, and it's running my software. I am so proud of the people who made this possible
(all of 'em) that I haven't got the words. *sniff* It's so beautiful.

I would go biking, but the back tire on my bike went from "slow leak" to "flatter than kansas" (which is flatter than a pancake, as mirell can attest).

A random recruiter emailed me today, about a possible job here in Austin. (My resume's still up on I'm torn. Yay, rah, cool, job here in Austin. But I'm already talking to these Pittsburgh guys, and they're offering to pay me for the kind of thing I do for fun anyway, when nobody's paying me to do it. Yeah, I'd have to move to Pittsburgh, but they're cool enough I'm actually willing to do it, and they were talking to me first, and Pittsburgh's up near Penguicon and Eric and my family and has a couple universities I could live near. Of course I've been talking to them for over two weeks and I'm still interviewing, and I like Austin and Fade enjoys working at SJG. I guess the rule of job hunting is "whoever manages to make me an offer first". (Do I tell them about each other? No I'm not trying for negotiating leverage here, I want to be _polite_.) Still, extra job lead (unsolicited, even) counts on the "cool things that happened today" side of the ledger, definitely...