November 24th, 2005

The Donald's.

There's nothing open late the day before thanksgiving. Even Metro is closing at midnight. (I see this as the continuation of a trend, though. They used to be open 24 hours, now they're only open until 3 am. When The Shrub got a second term and the entire city of Austin just seemed to give up, there's _nothing_ open after 4 am near UT (and only the Wendy's in Jester is open even that late). It used to be you could choose between Metro, Mojo's, two different university libraries...

I try not to post about politics because my opinion really doesn't have any effect on the outcome, so it's just noise. But it's sad to see how much damage has been done to my city in the wake of that idiot's governorship and presidency. Sigh. We used to have greenspace laws with teeth, now the Triangle is home to some of the ugliest rectangles of brick I've ever seen (and I've spent several nights in Baltimore). The arists and musicians are long gone (people fly _in_ to town for SxSW). The software industry here never recovered from 2001 (incidentally the year Dell laid of 17,000 people). Texas just passed proposition 2, technically outlawing marriage. The gerrymandering last year was just _embarassing_. I remember when paving over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone was a big deal, although really that's Houston's problem and it'll take about 10 years to percolate that far. (We get our water from Lake Travis.) And I suppose I'm ambivalent about the rezoning of west campus because really, what's left to defend?

You know why Austin got a software industry in the first place? The hippies were in charge for decades. (We still have hippie hollow, the only federally recognized nude beach. Of course after the republicans got control of the city that became "adults only", nobody under 18 allowed...) When the hippies were in charge of the city, they wanted to recruit environmentally friendly businesses, and the most environmentally friendly industry they could find was software. Long before anybody knew there was money in software, Austin's hippies were already trying to lure it here because it was sustainable and didn't pollute. Austin was a nice place when I arrived in 1996 because the hippies made it cool. (Motorcycle-riding ex-governor Ann Richards was one of them, and she was still governor through 1995.) You couldn't build any building downtown taller than the capitol building (they broke that by letting UT build a football statium taller: always good to know what the locals can be bribed with.) Now we have the Light Pollution Building (Frost Bank, the big thing that looks like the MCP from Tron)...

Maybe Kirby Lane Cafe's still open? There's a Denny's on the other side of I-35 that's open 24 hours (and has a sign promising wireless internet, although mirell says it's been broken for a couple months).

(Time passes).

Nope, although what they're closed for is Thanksgiving (technically started at midnight, when Metro closed).

Footnote: The McDonalds double cheeseburger may be the only food in the world that actually tastes _better_ if you let it sit in the refrigerator for a while and then microwave it. The most dubious portion of the previous sentence is, of course, the word "food"...

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Somebody named Dean Gray has an audio editor. As far as I can tell, every piece of sound in Dr Who on Holiday is taken from somewhere else and just spliced together or overlaid, which is not a technique I normally go in for. But it's remarkably well done, and the result is a beautiful thing, and my brain hurts now, and... Boggle. Just boggle.

I am _so_ proud of the internet sometimes, for managing to be even stranger than I am.

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