February 2nd, 2006

Removing the "Google search bar" from Konqueror.

It's not news that KDE developers honestly don't care what users actually want. I wanted to remove the darn "google search bar" from Konqueror which was truncating my "location" menu. (I type www.google.com when I want to go to google, I've been doing this for years. I never use the "google search bar", and I don't want it taking up screen space.)

There _is_ no way to remove it through the GUI. The first link in this post acknowledges that and practically sneers about it. One of the commenters mentioned a way to uninstall it on mandrake, but that doesn't work on ubuntu.

Here's the "chainsaw and shotgun" method:

rm /usr/share/apps/konqueror/kpartplugins/searchbar*
rm /usr/lib/kde3/libsearchbar*

Basically, find / -name "*searchbar*" and then remove the five files that look like part of konqueror. (I looked at the searchbar.rc file under kpartplugins to find out about libsearchbar.)

Boot up konqueror and the darn thing is gone.

Now, ask yourself, would you expect a standard computer end-user (someone with a degree in architecture or finance) to do that to make their URL entry bar full-size?