February 22nd, 2006

Coffee shopness.

So we have found the 61c cafe in Pittsburgh, which has wireless internet and decent hot chocolate. Life is much, much better now.

It's about a mile from our new apartment. (Signed the lease this afternoon.) I expect something like moving in (well, driving the cats over) occurs tomorrow. We have to be out of the temporary housing by Friday at 11 am.

I have a plane ticket back to Austin saturday and back here again Tuesday, during which time I must get a health certificate for Dragon so she can go on the return flight. (Well, not much return flight because Southwest doesn't do pets, but they gave me the number of a pet travel agent. Yes really.)

Had lunch with my manager, who is easing me into projects that actually directly involve the company I work for. I am tentatively looking forward to this.

Haven't done a darn thing with Firmware Linux in a month. Need to fix that, after I get busybox 1.1.1 shipped.


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