March 4th, 2006

Konqueror is mind-numbingly stupid...

So in my daily webcomics trawl I hit, and today's for some reason is trying to play audio. (Annoying, but that's not the problem.) The problem is that the web browser I've been using for years now, konqueror, pops up a modal dialog box saying "can't initialize driver alsaink" or some such.

1) No web browser should ever pop up a dialog box. It should display stuff in the page. The "can't find host blah" dialog boxes were already stupid back in 1996, long before the invention of tabbed browsing. These days even the "you're about to leave a secure page" and login boxes should just be form pages that display in the page.
2) Modal dialog boxes are evil. I can't scroll down to see the rest of the comic, the entire app is blocked until I dismiss this dialog box.
3) Lack of sound is not a major error. I'll live.

But these are merely everyday "wasn't thinking" level stupidity. No, the truly weapons grade stupidity comes in a bit.

I dismiss the dialog box. (Nothing else I can do.) It pops up another dialog box saying no audio driver found. Again, modal, nothing I can do but dismiss it.

When I close it, Konqueror closes. With no warning. I had over forty open browser tabs. All gone.

I've confirmed that it does this every time I go visit today. I've tried hitting "stop" partway through loading the comic but I can't read it. Either it hasn't loaded the comic's graphic yet, or it pops up the dialog, at which point I can no longer use any control, not even the scrollbar, and closing the thing either by clicking OK or the little X in the upper right hand corner will exit the app. I can minimize the pop-up window, but it's still modal. The app is still frozen until I deal with it.

Konqueror has now managed to do something that all the other problems I've had with it over the years didn't make me do: I just installed Firefox. This one wasn't just a bug. This one was willful stupidity. This is not the "they need to fix this" kind, this is the "I don't trust the idiots who perpetrated this abomination to get anything else right ever again". This browser is six years old, that kind of kindergarten mistake is just inexcusable. (Perhaps I'm still holding a bit of a grudge from the google search bar. I don't care.)