March 5th, 2006

Playing with firefox.

Fade is off watching a movie about vampires in Moscow. I forgot the apartment only has one key, and she has it. Back to the coffee shop, then.

So I'm messing with firefox. It sucks at blocking popups. Every single page on now generates a pop-up, when before I hadn't seen one in months. (It occasionally says it's blocked a popup... As a popup is coming up. Brilliant. I'm not sure I care enough about Dilbert to keep reading it with all those pop-ups. And if I'd known that Comcast was one of the big pop-up advertisers, I'd have asked Fade to look into DSL.)

I've also been playing without busybox mount. There is no spec for mount, and figuring out what mount _should_ do is kind of complicated. (There are many intersecting, often contradictory behavioral requirements, which boil down to a fairly small set of simple rules, but only by process of elimination. Six months ago I familiarized myself with most of them, but didn't write them down. Now I'm writing a darn spec for the thing, because there isn't one.)