March 10th, 2006

Pink robotoc coffee shops.

I'm now under the impression that any half-decent coffee shop, anywhere, must occasionally play the entire album containing "Yashimi vs the evil pink robots". Perhaps it's an identification thing, or maybe it's for some kind of maintenance purposes. (I say this based on three coffee shops with wireless internet, spare outlets, and at least marginally reasonable hours.)

The new busybox mount rewrite compiled yesterday! (Yay!) I quit while I was ahead.

Today, I test:

Sigh. I have work to do. (I wrote a script that creates a chroot environment. Given a starting binary, it copies it to the same relative path under the destination, calls ldd and runs sed against the output, and recursively calls itself to copy all the libraries into the same relative path under the new directory. Return success immediately if the file is already there. Then I fire up User Mode Linux, run it against this chroot environment, and test mount that way. MUCH easier than horking my parent system, and I can set up stable reproducible tests for "mount -a" and friends. With enough effort, I can automate this entire mess as part of the regression test suite. The hard part is getting a User Mode Linux binary into the test suite. That's probably going to be "provide your own, here's the mini.config to use"...)

In other news, my tutorial proposal for Ottawa Linux Symposium (populating initramfs with uclibc and busybox) was accepted today. I'm apparently going to Canada. Woot. I wonder if this requires a passport?


(I fixed "mount -t proc /proc /proc" so it doesn't segfault! It didn't do anything useful either, but hey. It's an improvement. I'm programming, I'm in a coffee shop, I have steamed milk with caramel in it. Life is good.)
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