March 19th, 2006

The 22nd letter of the alphabet.

Yesterday, Fade and I saw a documentary about the Bush administration called "V is for Vendetta", which was quite entertaining. I finally got my mount re-rewrite checked in recently, need to work on passwd.c and the release announcement. So of course the server for is down and I have no email (incoming or outgoing), which means the machine in Eric's basement is unhappy again. He and Cathy were at Lunacon this weekend, I wonder if they're back yet and this is "scheduled maintenance" or they just haven't noticed yet. Yeah, someday I should host my domain on my own server. A to-do item.

I have a half-dozen more things I need to do today, but instead spent the day watching Fade play Sims 2. (She goes to Austin tomorrow to attack the condo.)

My friend bunrab goes in for surgery tomorrow to have an infected pacemaker removed. (There's a _list_ of reasons why this is not a fun thing.)

And of course what book did I read last night? "Finder", by Emma Bull. (One of the books Fade brought home from the library.) I'd been warned she couldn't do endings, and thus expected a Neal Stephenson style "the end is a very good middle". But no, this is someone who can't do endings but tried anyway. For those of you who haven't read it: don't.

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Sigh. All _my_ books are still in Austin, and the sequel to "Tinker" isn't out yet...
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