April 1st, 2006

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The Human Kitchen (after all you are what you eat) on Forbes does an excellent Egg Drop soup. It's $1.25 for a large take-out container, and they make it with corn in it, which is how I like it. For breakfast I had an order of that which I took to the 61c cafe and had with a pot of Earl Grey tea and a cranberry scone. Life is good.

So, on the busybox front I need to merge the contributed RPM updates (which give it an actual system inventory), update menuconfig to 2.6.16 with the ENABLE_ mods and add my miniconfig stuff, finish eliminating dependencies on the udhcp package (yeah, this is a gratuitous rewrite but I was _provoked_), finish the passwd rewrite that's about half based on Tito's work and about half taking out the shadow password stuff with a bazooka (plus adding salt), get bbsh up to the point where it can replace lash and maybe hush, do a nommu cleanup starting with bb_spawn() that does vfork() and exec() in one call... And probably a dozen other things I'm not even remembering right now. Wheee...

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