May 17th, 2006

At a loss for words.

From: Erik Andersen <>
To: Rob Landley <>
Subject: (fwd) help with busybox...pretty please! :)

I'll let you field this one.  :)


Erik B. Andersen   
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help with busybox...pretty please! :)
From: [snipped]

I know you probably don't care for direct emails to you, but I really
need some help.  The ironic thing is that I do not wish to use Busybox.
I certainly don't have anything against it, but I can't seem to
understand it and I don't think I have a use for it.  But I believe that
it is located on my computer, and I need to have it removed--I believe
it "may" be causing some issues on our network.
Basically, I need to know how to remove it from my Windows XP computer.
Please forgive me if I am not using the proper technical terms--I'm
definitely not a linux user, and while I do technology related things in
my job, I am not at all a tech professional.
I'm writing from a non-profit music school.  We have a microsoft network
(SBS 2003 and XP workstations)--no surprise there, we're located near
Seattle. :)  I'm trying to set up our SBS server for remote access, and
I needed to call our DSL provider (Integra telecom) so that they can
make some setting changes on our DSL router.  They tell me that when
they connect to the router, they are redirected to IP address
xx.xx.xx.xx (turns out its MY computer) and they get a busybox prompt
(and they are unable to do anything else.)
I can't say that I know how it got on my computer.  If I telnet to the
above IP address, I definitely get the busybox.
How can I remove it from my machine?
Thanks for your help!
Bellevue, WA 98007
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