November 23rd, 2006


Four kittens. :(

Yesterday evening one of two orange kittens was meowing a lot, kept winding up on its back or a bit away from the rest of the group, and I didn't see it drink, and when I picked it up it was cold and listless. I should have taken it to the vet then, but I tried to get it back into the kitten pile to warm it up (it kept crawling away) and tried to clear a space for it so it could drink, and basically hoped it would get better. It was still alive when I went to bed, lying against Dragon's side (but not nursing that I could see). Its' breathing sounded a bit gurgly to me when I listened close (thought that was a bad sign), but I've never been involved with kittens before and they'd been fine on their own for four days while we were gone.

Stiff as a board when we got up this morning. I buried it out back. Feeling guilty about not having tried to find a 24 hour vet open a 3 am on thanksgiving last night. (I know right where one is in Austin, it's 5 minutes from the condo north along Lamar...)
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