January 25th, 2007

Stuck halfway through "New Earth".

So Dr. Who Season 2, disk 1 arrived in the mail on monday, and I watched it monday night. (Fully intending to watch it _again_ when Fade got home from Seattle.)

The christmas episode was great, and the first 2/3 of "new earth" was good too. And then the disk stopped, the PS/2 going "unable to read disk". Huh. (Hard crash, have to restart from the beginning and search through the stupid intro ads to get to the menu again.) Try again, reset to the right bit, play and... same problem, at the exact same point. Ok, check disk for scratches. Looks ok. Fiddle a bit... The later chapters of that episode cause it to crash too. The special features (Billie's video diary and the "children in need" clip and so on) are all similarly unavailable. What the...?

Take the disk to Fade's computer, plug it into the DVD player there, get the episode to the right place, play... And it pauses for a moment and then jumps ahead. To an actress we haven't seen before, in a different set, wearing a sexually suggestive outfit that's unlikely to wind up on Dr. Who (not that I'm objecting to that part but it seemed odd at the time), and she's escaping from something but the doctor and Rose _were_ just being chased by plague victims so maybe this is a B ark of the plot that I wasn't paying enough attention to? Now there's a guy tied to a chair and some kind of sheriff guy with a strong texan accent (which seems a bit authentic for a Welsh production on the BBC, but maybe they hired an actor who...) and that's leatherface. I haven't see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but I've seen stills and that is definitely leatherface with a chainsaw, and yes it's a close-up of him sawing off the legs of the guy in the chair, one at a time, with extra fake blood. (Obviously done by special effects guys who know little or nothing about anatomy, but oh well.) Skip ahead a bit to see if Dr. Who comes back on... And now it's a dinner scene with the legless guy and the girl from earlier (and some stoned blonde) tied to chairs at a table where the sherrif guy is bringing out a big pot and is yelling at people. Whatcha wanna bet the guy's legs are in the pot? (I haven't seen the movie but I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the BBC version of The Silver Chair with Tom Baker as the Marsh Wiggle where they found out they were eating a talking stag.) Didn't stick around to see if I'd guessed right.

Phoned Fade so she could report the disk defective. Apparently, Netflix has no way to specify HOW a disk is defective, but I'm guessing they figured it out.

Still awaiting the corrected disk, and glad Fade didn't see it. She probably didn't have Anatomy and Physiology right before lunch. (11:30, dissect a perch. 12:30, tuna surprise. Ah, the taste of formaldehyde. Alas, I can no longer name the origins and insertions of all the muscles in your average bucket of kentucky fried chicken, it has been a while...)

I should just read the episode synopsis on Wikipedia. It's unlikely to be much more inaccurate than NetFlix was. :)

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