March 8th, 2007

And I'm assured I live in a good part of town.

It's 5 am and the police just left, after another of my downstairs
neighbors' loud public "domestic disputes", this one involving two women
swearing at each other in the middle of the street at the top of their
lungs for several minutes, plus an awful lot of banging from inside said
apartment (furniture moving, I'd guess). Fade and I were woken up shortly
before this by an absolute _plume_ of marijuana smoke from downstairs, and
I opened the window (no matter how cold it is outside breathing isn't optional)
until the screaming got so loud 15 minutes later Fade got up and closed it

Of course said neighbors were back inside when the police came, were very
quiet with the lights off and didn't answer the door, and Pittsburgh's Finest
drove away again after about 5 minutes. (The unnerving part probably wasn't
audible from the street, it was the "help me, don't touch me" repeated several
times by a woman, followed by a lot of "mmmmm, mmmmm" smothering sounds.
Sounded like the "take the baby" woman from October, not the younger (or at
least higher pitched) one she was screaming at earlier. No idea where said
baby was through all this, didn't hear it once. This was about 5 minutes
before the police arrived, and may have been the reason it was extremely quiet
when they got here. Dunno.

I am now awake. I'd head in to work, but I really don't feel like Fade
would be safe if I did. No idea what to do about any of this. Fade doesn't
think anybody died downstairs tonight because apparently this is by no means the
loudest it's been (although it lasted unusually long this time). I feel like
a coward for not going down and getting involved, but I'd be an idiot if I did
(the man downstairs outweighs me by 100 pounds and domestic disputes are how
most police who die in the line of duty get killed). But what really worries
me is Fade's safety when I'm not here.

I hate Pittsburgh. I'm sitting in my apartment and I want to go home.
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