April 24th, 2007


Ok, I should get into the habit of using my lj account again. I mentioned this in my other blog but it really belongs here.

Penguicon was this weekend, and Fade and I got married (Steve Jackson officiated, Eric Raymond was best man, and Randy Milholland photoshopped us up a "gurps matrimony" cover which he and Steve both signed afterwards). We arranged a discount rate so our relatives coming in for the convention could attend the con if they wanted, and the wedding adjourned to the con suite afterwards where we made LN2 ice cream for everyone, chocolate chocolate chocolate and Oreo of course.

The wedding was in Maple A, and we moved it to 4 pm to avoid conflicting with an Elizabeth Bear panel Fade wanted to see. We blew our lines (when Steve asked us about getting married we said things like "yeah" and "sure" rather than "I do"). We exchanged plastic glowy rings (Fade couldn't find more blinky rings, and besides, wedding rings traditionally differ from engagement rings). Afterwards we noticed that the white green and blue cakes should have been red green and blue, but on well. We ate most of the cake and took the rest to the con suite. We got to go out to dinner with various friends and relatives four times, one of which the restaurant (the Red Robin across the street from the con hotel) found out about our weddingness and bought us ANOTHER cake (a much better one, marvelous chocolate thing we ate lots of despite already being full) and gave Fade a bunch of balloons! (One of which popped and one deflated slowly and noisily on the way into the hotel, before we figured out that the hotel ceiling's texture includes sharp and pointy bits.) I think we left the baloons in our room when we checked out. I know we left my electric shaver in the bathroom. Oh well.

I got Fade a t-shirt ("fight like a girl") based on one of Howard Tayler's designs, via the print on demand t-shirt vendor. She bought me a book (the sequel to "Kitty goes to washington", the third book about a werewolf radio talk show hostess). We also got wedding gifts (Dr. Who dvds, the complete 9th doctor and 10th doctor season 1. And a Wii! I can honestly say that after our wedding I got to play with Fade's Wii.)

Penguicon 5 was FUN.

Now we have to go wrestle with the state of Pennsylvania to get their paperwork to agree with us about the whole marriage thing.

The "new thing I added to the con" last year was LN2 ice cream, and this year it was fully integrated into the convention (including throwing some into the pool on sunday, which I missed but there are pictures). This year's new thing was panel recording, I bought six little digital lecture recorders (now donated to the con) and managed to record more than half the panels. Steve Guterman has the recorders now so mp3s may make it onto the web someday.

Next year I'm pondering the friday morning tutorial track as the "new thing". Make that actually work. (Call for papers and attendee baggies would be good too.)

Con reports are being gathered, and should be posted to the penguicon lj community.


They scheduled the next concom meeting for May 19th. I'll be in Austin (Mark graduates on the 18th). Maybe I can phone in for it...