May 6th, 2007

I'm at Metro! I have Chai!

And lo, I am back in Austin for two weeks. Apartment hunting, attending mirell's graduation, and a few other things. Loooooong drive.

One of the big advantages of a 24 hour coffee shop is you can show up whenever and it's always there. Unfortunately, Metro now opens at 10 am on sundays, and since I'm on eastern time and more or less a day schedule, I showed up here around 9:30 and had to wait around half an hour before I could go in. This is sad. The chai's still good ("big train" brand spiced chai made with steamed milk), the couches are comfortable, and the wireless works. And the cute red haired girl behind the counter has selected classical music, something nonintrusive with flutes and violins.

Later today, I should swing by Fry's and see what they've got.

I've missed Austin. It's not perfect, but it's not Pittsburgh either.
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