May 16th, 2007

Still in Austin through Saturdayish.

So I haven't made it to Star Ranch, nor have I managed to get a passport for the OLS trip next month (apparently I need to get a copy of my birth certificate). But I've gotten lots of walking in. I think I've lost about 5 pounds. (My weight fluctuates almost that much per day so it's a bit hard to tell, but I've gotten lots and lots of late-night walking in. I should get me one of them digital scale thingies like Mark has. Had one once, but it stopped working...)

I think I've started the Linux Foundation job. I've spent this week reading and writing documentation-related things ("drinking from the firehose" in the case of the linux kernel mailing list). I got them the signed contract stuff last week, and have gotten back an email of a fax of a signature that presumably means something, but I have no idea what. There may or may not be a check in the mail, possibly to one of the addresses at which I have lived recently.

Apartment hunting's down to two places, either of which are fine. I'll ping 'em tomorrow and try to grab one. (Presumably giving them Fade's phone number to deposit money, since most of the money in my Austin bank account went to car repairs once I got here and went "ooh, reputable mechanic I trust (Lamb's on Far West), this darn "automatic" window doesn't roll up right and the cigarette lighter isn't providing current to charge anything with and the air conditioner doesn't work and my car needs to be inspected..." They fixed the power door locks while they were fiddling around with the electrical system, which is nice but I need to get used to that again.

So I'm at Metro, and they're decidedly not 24 hours anymore. In in fact, tonight at midnight they close and stay closed for a MONTH. (Until summer session classes start.) That's sad. Mojo's closed and the building is now a Moroccan restaurant. The 24-hour coffee shop up near the laundromat (Kiva Hahn, perhaps?) truncated its hours at the same time the other two did...

I suspect if I want a 24 hour coffee shop I need to _start_ one. But one entrepreneurial venture at a time, and I won't have time to do it right until after the documentation fellowship...