February 18th, 2009


Accidentally overwrote the whole of 2008 in my other blog, and didn't notice for two days (by which point it had rsynced over my incremental backups). My last full backup was from mid-October, meaning I no longer seem to have copies of my blog entries from the last 2 months of last year.

Livejournal may have its faults, but it's slightly more difficult to do quite as large amounts of accidental damage while hopped up on antihistamines and cedar pollen.

(Nope, archive.org last saw my blog in February 2008. The google cache has notes-2006.html, notes-2007.html, and notes-2009.html, but no 2008. And my little USB key I backup stuff onto got blanked two weeks ago so I could put an ISO image on it.)