December 28th, 2010

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Under the weather. Not sleeping well since my return from Russia, which I suppose is to be expected. I'm also mildly nauseous but it's the kind that won't quite be intense enough that I can consider myself actually sick, but won't go away either. Heard back about my lost luggage today: it's definitely still in Paris, pinned down by snow. Well that's something.

Spent monday running errands (now that everything's open again), collating the week-long info dump from Moscow, and reading NFS documentation. (How did this ever become a dominant filesystem in unix-land?)

The learning curve is vertical. I have crampons.

So I spent a couple weeks learning about containers until I actually got them to work, now I'm learning about the implementation of NFS. I plan to post at length about NFS (possibly later today), but first I'm trying to finish out the container stuff by documenting it and scripting its reproduction sequence. (After all, you don't really understand something until you try to teach it. And it's not science unless you can reproduce it.)

Unfortunately, "got it to work once" is not the same as "understand it" or "reliably reproduce it", especially when dealing with a package as brittle and overdesigned as LXC.

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