January 6th, 2011


I still haven't got a particularly strong grasp of how NFS really works, but at least I'm finding some low hanging fruit to fix up while reading the code. (3k from _that_? Really? No wonder the kernel's so big these days...)

I wrote a pair of HOWTOs on setting up an lxc container test environment (the second is on setting up a test network routing in the container), submitted several bug reports to the LXC mailing list I found along the way. (They fixed the first one already, and I can work around the rest fairly easily.)

In an attempt to beat some sense out of the container network stuff, I'm setting up a samba test environment so I can use the cifs filesystem and get _its_ network routing to work first (more or less one protocol version, each mount through a persistent TCP/IP connection). And apparently, I've forgotten how to configure a samba server.

It's been a while...
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