January 13th, 2011

Random update.

My thunderbird documentation patch got merged upstream via Andrew Morton's tree. My CIFS patch is on its third revision but is starting to get other people's signed-off-by's now.

I finally got the human resources paperwork for my travel expenses to russia turned in (by dint of booting back and forth between my laptop's Linux and Windows partitions repeatedly: no Linux or Mac program I tried would deal with the thing, and it turns out to be kind of fiddly to get data where the Windows partition can see it. The sucker wanted to go into recovery mode if I mounted its partition, although attempting to run it under KVM didn't help there either.)

Alas, I lost my four desktops worth of open windows on the Linux box doing that. (I thought I could suspend Linux to disk, boot windows, and then resume Linux afterwards. It sort of worked, for a definition of sort of that involved extreme instability before it froze solid.) I'll have to go through my notes and see what I was in the middle of. (A dozen or so things as usual, including reading up on p9 and NFS.)

The plan 9 filesystem has documentation on how to mount, but not on how to export. The server docs all assume you already know how to do it because you've used the plan 9 operating system, which applies to about 3 people on the planet as far as I understand. Beautiful protocol, tiny development community that doesn't realize how insular it is. (Where have I heard that before...) Probably easy to containerize the p9 mount code (I'm looking for quick things I might be able to get in this merge window) but without a test case there's no point...

I had to give the Kernel book (Robert Love's third edition) back to Mark last week, but the new copy Fade ordered for me from Amazon finally arrived, and I'm reading through that. (I'm only about 50 pages in, it's cycling with everything else.)

Ah right, I was redoing the perl removal patch #1 as a C program. (One of the lost tabs from before the reboot...) I should go poke at that.
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