February 9th, 2011

I need to buy a scanner.

I got some paperwork from Russia that's for a business visa (pretty sure it's the invitation thing I need, but they wanted to confirm and I still can't read Russian), so I had to scan it and email it back to them so they could confirm it's the right one.

I don't own a scanner. (We got a combo-everything machine once that could theoretically print fax and scan, but it didn't really do any of them reliably, and it's long gone.) So I went out to Kinko's. Then I went out again remembering to bring the actual form this time.

Kinko's could scan the thing, but weren't allowed to email it to me. I'd forgotten to bring a USB key. I almost had them burn it onto a CD for me ($10 charge) but then I remembered my phone could act as a USB key... but I didn't have the cable with me. But they _did_ have the adapter to write to the SD card when I took it out. (Tiny, fiddly little thing behind the battery.)

So, they'd written a PDF to my phone (which made an alarming crunching noise putting the card back in, but then worked fine). My phone utterly refused to acknowledge the file was there, because the only app I have with a "browse" option is an aftermarket text editor, which can only view files as text. Everything else expects files to be only where it put them, so the podcast app and the browser don't share files, although files both of them save wind up intermingled with the "play audio" thing unless I make playlists to exclusde them. The "attach" option to the gmail app will only allow you to attach photos you've taken from the "gallery", because obviously nobody would ever want to attach ANY OTHER KIND OF FILE. And my Linux laptop still won't talk to the phone, presumably because the USB driver for the strange thinkpad chipset is wonky. (Actually, I haven't tried since I upgraded to the 2.6.37 kernel, maybe it works now? Just thought of that...)

Anyway, I took the phone home, plugged it into Fade's mac with the cable I had at home, had her email me the file, and forwarded the email to my boss., who will presumably get the tomato juice to Colonel Potter. (M*A*S*H reference, don't worry about it.)

I need to go buy a scanner, but I may be driving to Houston tomorrow instead, to get there by noon when the consulate's desk thing closes. Assuming I don't need a blood test for the new category of visa. (Really, really, really hoping I don't. Needles. I has a problem with them.) Oh, and I need two passport photos and a money order, and it's a 3 hour drive, so I'd really want to hit the road by 8am at the latest to have time at the consulate to fill out the forms and have them review them...

Friday. Friday I may be driving to the Russian Consulate in Houston. Tomorrow I may be getting passport photos and a money order.

Anyway, back to NFS...