March 2nd, 2011

Scale! Plague!

Went to Scale in Los Angeles over the weekend with k001 Kir Kolyshn, the OpenVZ maintainer, to run a booth on OpenVZ. He was apparently unaware I do marketing, so we ran through the weekend's worth of flyers on Saturday.

I found out this was happening on Wednesday (Feb 23), flew out Thursday morning (on about 2 hours of sleep: I wasn't on a morning schedule at the time), spent Friday helping Kir update the slides and flyers and learning various details about the technology I'd be promoting, spent 9 hours Saturday and 7 hours Sunday at a booth pulling people out of the passing crowds and telling them how great containers are, flew back Monday, and spent Tuesday huddled on the couch being sick.

It could be standard con crud, although the incubation period for that's usually a bit longer. It could also be that while in LA, I drank the water. Or it could be the ill-advised visit to the Mariott hotel restaurant, where Kir and I split an appetizer that can only be described as a "Crap Cake". (Crab is not supposed to smell like old fish.)

So now it's the following Wednesday. Yesterday I didn't leave the house at all, didn't turn on my laptop once, and probably slept more than 12 hours. Today I'm merely coughing, dizzy, feverish, grouchy, unfocused. So a distinct improvement. (Oh, and I've moved from "coughs that taste like blood" to "coughs that give me a splitting headache by somehow pressurizing the inside of my skull". Sort of a lateral move there.)

I'm not sure if yesterday (and today, to be honest) count as sick days or just getting my weekend back. Either way, I have too much to do so I've fired my laptop back up to at least deal with the email backlog.

When I feel up to a longer drive I need to go collect my visa from Houston, and buy plane tickets to Russia. (Oh, and it turns out Spring Break is the week I was planning to visit Russia, so I may have a friend visiting from out of town that week. Hopefully work will be ok with me visting the following week. I can't go earlier than that because the visa doesn't kick in until the 15th...)