April 9th, 2011

Yay code review. NFS Lifetime rules are still brain-bending.

Ok, found a workaround for the linux-2.6.39-rc1 hang that Jens Axboe's been distracted from solving for a couple weeks: disable preemption. So I can go back to testing/developing against linus's current -git tree instead of 2.6.38, which is good.

My Ottawa Linux Symposium paper submission 'Why Containers Are Awesome' has been approved, meaning I need to actually _write_ the paper now. I'm collecting a file full of links, might take a stab at it this weekend...

On the NFS front I'm pulling back from my ongoing battle with lockd/statd (which are a horrible mess from a design level and apparently always have been), because I managed to poke some people into reviewing my NFS patches (yay!), and Serge Halyn raised a good point about lifetime rules in the third patch. Which means I have to reevaluate the lifetime rules, which are always the hard part with kernel stuff. Sigh.

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